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Ladies’ Football

What is ladies gaelic football?

Ladies Gaelic football is a team sport for women played on a rectangular pitch.  The objective of the sport is to score by passing the ball through the other team’s goals, a set of two upright posts separated by a crossbar above the ground.  The game is played with a round leather football similar in appearance to a traditional volleyball.  The ball may be kicked or hand passed.  A hand pass is a strike of the ball with the side of the closed fist using the knuckle and the thumb or an open fist using the palm.

Players advance the football up the field with a combination of carrying, bouncing, kicking, hand-passing, and soloing (dropping the ball and then toe-kicking the ball upward into the hands).  In the game, two types of scores are possible: points and goals. A point is awarded for kicking or hand-passing the ball over the crossbar, signalled by the umpire raising a white flag.  A goal is awarded for kicking the ball under the crossbar into the net, signalled by the umpire raising a green flag.  The duration of games is 30 mins per half – 1 hour and teams consist of 15 players a side unless deemed otherwise by the organizing body.

ladies gaelic football in Europe

In Europe, Ladies Gaelic football teams normally consist of 9 players; however teams may be 7 a side and/or 11 a side in exceptional circumstances.  Preliminary games in the Ladies Championship shall be 12.5 mins per half and the semi-final and finals shall be 15 mins per half.  The 2012 European Ladies Football competition structure consists of a Pan European Championship of three rounds.  The three best results of each European club from their participation in Pan European Championship rounds will be used to calculate the final Pan European Championship positions.  The team with the most points will be deemed to be the European Champions.


Training for Gaelic football is now on Monday 7.45pm and Wednesday 7.30pm in Stade Louis Lumière. Get Directions.

2015 Ladies Football Regional Tournaments
    • March 28thBordeaux
    • April 11thRennes
    • Mai 9thNiort
    • June 15thGuérande
2015 Ladies Football European Championship
  • September 12thTBD
  • October 24thTBD

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