If you are interested in playing Gaelic Football with the Paris Gaels, please contact our Men’s Football Officer, at the following address ”

Men’s Football

The winning team in ClermontAlek Perais

Our French Language officer, has adapted well to the game and can play either as a full forward or full back

Anthony Chauvin

Speedy Gonzales’ has really come into his own this year, with an epic performance in the finals in Niort. Plays as a full forward, with an appetite for goals.

Arnaud Bereiziat

Bébert’ as he is called is the team hatchet man and former Liffré player. A tough tackler who strikes fear into forwards all over Europe.

Barry Smith

A Paris Gaels veteran, made his comeback during the Paris tournament .

Cedric Lebars

A former player from the Breton leagues, Ced has scored some vital points in this years championship.

David Nave

David was goalkeeper when Paris Gaels won their home tournament, can also play as a forward when he isn’t directed airplanes in Charles de Gaulle.

Enda Palazzeschi

With a mother from Sligo and an Italian father, Enda is the original hybrid GAA player. Has really come into his own and with a few more games under his belt, will be a big player for us.

FloFlorian Vaujany

Midfielder, manager and ecologist (hippie), in bad need of a haircut but still a massive player for the team.

Francois Gaignard

Captain of the team, and part of the ‘Wall’ which has helped us obtain the best defensive record in the French Championship this year.

Jean Rene Robert

JR is another part of the ‘Wall’ and also team joker. Always the first in the bar after the tournaments

Julian ‘Marcel’ André

Marcel made his debut in Niort with some solid performances as half forward.

Mael Dancette

A former basketball player, has adapted really well to the game and made an impressive debut in Clermont.

Malachy Caldwell

A Tyrone native with a sweet left foot and great moves on the dancefloor.

Mark Brannigan

The token Dublin northsider on the team. Has been a massive player since he joined back in January.

Peter Hegyi

Peter is our resident Hungarian, he found the team by doing a yahoo web search and has adapted to the game very quickly.

Phil Murphy

An Armagh native, do not be fooled, this little guy packs a powerful punch.

Raphael Dhuot

Runs like Forrest Gump, had an excellent tournament in Lyon and has been a star player for the team since joing last year.

Seàn Nixon

Another Dubliner and a fine player on and off the pitch with some great scores in this seasons tournament.

Stephen Jones

The token Kerryman on the panel, plays in any position in the back or forward line.

Thibault Allain

This red haird frenchie, plays anywhere in the backline and is a very strong tackler.

Pierre Meriou

Made his debut in the Niort tournament despite having 3 broken fingers.

Yoann Marc

Made his debut last year, and made massive porgress,  has now become one the senior players in the team.

Shane Harrison

Still somehow getting away with playing GAA.

Men’s Football Rules

The duration of matches at Regional and European Level are 20 mins in total with two halves of 10.

Unlike in Ireland the matches are 11 a side but on a shorter pitch, generally a modified rugby or soccer pitch.

At a European level, there are two competitions : The Championship and the Shield.

To qualify for the Championship, a team must finish in the top two of their regional division. Other teams in stonger regions may also enter if they don’t finish in top 2.

Entrance to the Shield is free for all other teams and shield winners are promoted to championship the next year.

In the Europe West territory, there are three divisions: Breton League, the Anglo-Norman League and Federal Championship.

In June of each year, the top two teams from each division play in the Regional Championship and the finalists go on to compete in the Pan European Championship.

2015 Mens Football Fixtures

February 14th - Clermont Ferrand – Round 1

March 28th - Naives – Round 2

April 18th - Toulouse – Round 3

Mai 8th - Niort – Round 4

June 6th - Guérande – French Finals

2015 European Championship Football Rounds

12th September: Location TBC

24th October: TBC